Monday, September 11, 2017

Estoy volviendo vieja.

I don’t mind all the little appy’s that come in. They’re often quite cute, each with their own uniqueness. We take out their appendices and then they go home. Easy peasy. Unfortunate it is, when that cuteness turns very. very. ugly. When the cute little appendix opens up and spills it’s undesirables all over someone’s unsuspecting and undeserving abdomen. I really don’t like perforated appendicitis. I’ll say it again. I REALLY don’t like perforated appendicitis.

The other day I went to the ED to see one of the cute appendices. He looked at me. He looked at my ID badge. Then he looked back at me and asked, “Why do people always look younger in their pictures?” Cute. Ha. Cheeky.

Much Love.

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