Sunday, June 18, 2017

Estoy lista.

I'm ready for the residency year to end. Programs all around are having their graduation banquets. Ours is this coming Friday. For those ending residency, we celebrate and congratulate. For myself, I'm so ready to not be an intern anymore. I had internship under wraps two years ago. Now having spent a year on repeat, I can perform these duties blindfolded and one arm tied behind my back. So thankful I had short reprieves with new rotations, like plastics and pediatrics. But trauma this month, provides no educational benefit for an intern, evenmoreso second time around. Zero. However, it has sharpened by prioritizing which lends itself to efficiency. I have a feeling that I cause borderline annoyance of ancillary staff and our allied health. To the social worker: I'm asking every 30-60 minutes, can I? can I? is everything set up? can I finally discharge? To the seasoned NP who goes to check labs and reorder: Already checked them, it's taken care of. And just like that they're thrown off their routine. Not that anyone has actually said anything, it's just a feeling. Probably born from the fact that I even annoy myself.

Here's a few pictures from my cousins wedding out in Illinois!
Our Stoller cousins had a wide age range. Luke, three months older than myself, was in between Carrie and I growing up in the Gridley school system. We were on the tail end of the Stoller cousins. As we've all grown and moved away, very few of us made it for his wedding. I'm sure Luke didn't take it personally, but it made me extra glad that I could be there.
Above: we grabbed a Stoller cousin selfie in front of the Illinois State Capitol building as the wedding was in Springfield, IL. (Troy & Carrie Blunier, Jeff & Cynde Stoller, Chelli and me)

Stoller table at the reception. Lucas and Megan are both pharmacists. They had pill bottles filled with personalized M&Ms for all the guests. Made it look like everyone was popping pills all evening long.

Lucas and Megan Stoller 

Lucas and Megan Stoller

Much Love.

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